5 Tips for Your Pregnancy

Feb 13, 2020 | Pittsburgh Maternity Photographer, Pregnancy Tips

Now that you are pregnant I’m sure everyone and their mother (and your mother and your mother-in-law too) have tips for your pregnancy and advice to share with you!

While I won’t go too far, nor am I a doctor, I do know some standard things to remember:

1. Take your vitamins, which should include folate!

According to healthline.com, your caloric intake increase when pregnant. This means your need for micornutrients increases as well. You can get more of these nutrients by using prenatal vitamins. In fact, these vitamins are specifically created to support your growth as well as your baby’s.

A prenatal vitamin that includes folate (usually called folic acid) as well as DHA is truly helpful. Folate may reduce the risk of certain defects and DHA, which is found in fish oil, may help in fetal brain development!

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2. Drink plenty of fluids (preferably water).

Do you struggle to get your eight 8oz of water per day? Surprisingly, you actually need even more while pregnant! Your baby carrying body needs more water to help prevent some side effects caused by pregnancy. But even more so, it needs this water to get essential nutrients to your baby.

Whattoexpect.com says your intake should be around eight to ten 8oz glasses per day. The good news is, you can vary the source. You can mix up your liquids so you do not get bored. Anything from safe water and milk, to decaffeinated tea is a great way to ensure you are hydrated and getting nutrients to your unborn child. One of the simple but important tips for your pregnancy.

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3. Exercise if you are able and it is safe. Do not push yourself!

WebMD.com states that exercise during pregnancy not only keeps you healthy, but may decrease your discomfort and risk for certain diseases. Make sure to consult your doctor before exercising to see what is safe, especially if you have a medical condition. Most likely you are best suited for low impact aerobics and brisk walking.

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4. Sleep! Your body is doing a lot of extra work right now and can use the rest.

Right now you may feel so fatigued that you can’t imagine anything BUT sleep. However, as your pregnant belly grows, you may find difficulty in getting in those extra zzz’s. Tips #2 and #3 above will help with sleep, as will having a clear head, and keeping your heartburn at bay.

Parents.com recommends not reclining for 1-2 hours before bed and to use extra pillows for support and comfort. Try lowering the temperature in your room, or losing your heavy blanket if you find that you get overheated.

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5. Avoid too much caffeine.

Americanpregnancy.org warns that caffeine passes through the placenta to your baby. This is why keeping your intake low is a good idea. While we often forget how bad caffeine really is for us, as most of us use it to get through our days, you should try to avoid it as much as possible. Caffeine can even have effects on conception!

While it is okay to have small amounts, try to remember that it is found in more than just your coffee and coke. Caffeine is in your chocolate, your tea, and even some of your medicines! So always be on the lookout and watch how much you consume.

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Okay, I won’t go past 5! There are plenty more tips for your pregnancy but I’ll leave those for your mother-in-law 😉

I’d love to hear about how you’re feeling and how your pregnancy is going. I absolutely loved being pregnant with my first, but after (sorry to sound dramatic) nearly dying with my last, I know it has its ups and downs! Feel free to contact me on how yours is going, I’d love to chat 🙂