5 Tips to Building an Easter Basket

Apr 7, 2020 | Uncategorized

If you have little ones, Building an Easter Basket is either on your to-do list or already crossed off. Congratulations if you have it crossed off! However, if you are running late, here are five tips to get it finished before the big day arrives.

1. Start with the basket!

Sounds simple, but also not something you want to forget. There are plenty of baskets in the shape of your child’s favorite characters nowadays. I went the more traditional route and purchased colored woven baskets for my littles. I bought ours at Michaels, which is of course a great place for all your crafting needs.

When building an Easter basket, start with the basket

2. Choose a book.

A book will last longer than most toys. It can be educational and fun. It encourages reading. And you can get small ones cheap, so it is also cost effective. I like to do an Easter themed board book, as my kids are still young.

3. Find surprise toys.

I like to find a few fun, little toys for stocking stuffers and building an Easter basket. I think they add to the excitement for your child and keeps the toys smaller and cheaper as well.

Use Surprise toys in your child's Easter basket

4. Candy, enough said.

While I don’t go crazy with the amount of candy, it is almost expected in an Easter basket. Again, I like to go the surprise route. I’ll buy a kinder joy egg, so there’s a small toy plus a treat. But I also get a traditional Sarris chocolate bunny or small chocolate novelty. If you have not tried Sarris Chocolate, stop what you are doing and find a place that sells it now! Best in the world!

5. Don’t forget the filling!

Another simple reminder, but easily forgotten tip. Get some colorful straw to add to the basket as filler. It gives the basket color and fun. You can even make your kids work for their treats by hiding some smaller toys throughout the filling.

Easter family photo with daughter holding Easter basket

We may be nearing Easter, but you are not out of time yet! Head to Target.com or WalMart.com and find what you are looking for. You may need to pay a little extra for faster shipping, but you can get it all done in the comfort of your home. And stay safe while shopping too! Have any more tips? Leave a comment and add to the list.

Need something for the adults in your life? Consider photos! I can create an album for you ASAP. It may be late, but we aren’t allowed to visit anyone yet anyway, so they’ll never know. Contact me and let me know what I can create for you.