5 Tips to Organizing for Baby

Dec 22, 2020 | Birth, Parent Tips

New Mom’s Guide: 5 Tips to Organizing for Baby.

5 Tips to Organizing for baby – who wouldn’t want this information? This week’s blog I’ve brought in organization expert Erika Maddamma from Livingsunny.com. She helps you organize your life! From playrooms to your garage, getting organized helps reduce your stress and that is exactly what Erika brings to the table!


So without further ado, I bring you Erika’s top 5 tips to organizing for baby. Whether you just gave birth or just had your baby shower, these tips will prepare you for the months to come with baby:

Congratulations on your sweet bundle of joy! You probably knew having a baby would completely change your life (for the better!) but did you realize they would come with so much stuff!? Rest assured, you can get organized with these 5 simple tips, keeping all those newborn essentials handy for when you need them!

1. All those teeny-tiny clothes!

How can one tiny human have so many clothes!? As impossible as it seems, they grow out of these outfits faster than you will know. Start by categorizing clothing by size, keeping the too big sizes in a separate drawer or section of the closet. You’ll want them accessible for when the time comes, but not in the way of your day to day!


Then file fold the current size clothing into rows using drawer dividers to keep them upright. Each row should be a specific category: long sleeve onesies, short sleeve shirts, pants, etc. You’ll be able to easily
see each shirt at once and nothing will get hidden in the back!


As your baby grows, you can adjust these to fit their bigger clothes!

Drawer Organizers for Baby Clothes photo

We love these – but you’ll want to measure your drawers to ensure a proper fit!

Oh… and for those itsy-bitsy socks – clip a mesh laundry bag to the side of your child’s hamper. Each pair of socks, mitts and other tiny garments go in there to be washed and dried and never lost!


Bonus Tip: Keep the tags on!

I know you’ve heard this before and are inclined to ignore the advice…truth is, you don’t know what size your baby will be and you want to ensure the outfits are seasonally appropriate!


2. Nursery Essentials

Diapers, wipes, ointments, creams, the list goes on. There are lots of Pinterest worthy ways to creatively store these daily items. Biggest tip is to ensure they are within arm’s reach of your changing table so you
are never leaving your child unattended. Consider shelves or baskets on the wall or even using a top dresser drawer!


3. Bathroom Necessities

Bathroom Drawer Organize for Baby Photo

Tubby time is so much fun! Add small drawer organizers like this one to store medicine, nail clippers, brushes, etc. This can go under your sink or in a linen closet.

4. Bottles, oh my!

You may need to do a little rearranging in your kitchen to house all of baby’s bottles and feeding supplies. Try to dedicate a full shelf to their items. Consider adding a divided organizer to the shelf to house nipples, bottle collars, travel tops, extra pacifiers, and eventually spoons and other feeders.

Stackable Organizer for Baby Bottle Nipples Spoons and Silverware

This is a great one – but will need to measure your cabinets and find one that will work for your space.

5. Diaper Bag

In the early days, you likely won’t be going out much, except for doctor appointments, but as your get more comfortable, you’ll be ready to take on some adventures! Ensure your diaper bag has the essentials always on hand: diapers, wipes, an extra outfit, bibs, burp cloths, medicines, a few toys, and personal care items for you (Chapstick, lotion, etc.).


These should be back up items that live in the bag at all times so you aren’t scrambling looking for them on your way out the door. You’ll always have to pack last minute perishable items like formula, bottles and food before you go.

When you get back from your outing, replace any of the essential items you used so the bag is ready for the next day of exploration!

Tell me you aren’t motivated with these 5 tips to Organizing for Baby?

I ready to head to the store now and start searching for all these goodies to get organized! Even after they are toddlers, organizing clothes is one of the hardest feats to overcome. I’d love to see what you do with these tips, so send me your home updates to blessedmoments13@gmail.com or contact me so I can see! And a huge thank you to Erika for this inspiration.