You read right, this post isn’t to give you insight on how to pop the most important question of your life. It is to tell you what NOT to do!

There are certain things women want, and definitely things that they don’t!

I’m here to help you get a YES and not a sure…

1. In front of a crowd

This is a very popular way to propose and looks very romantic on TV. However, I feel, this moment is something special between the two of you, as well as very important. This question tends to come with some very serious emotions, and you don’t want her to feel embarrassed or put on the spot.

Wedding Reception First Dance Audience Photo

Also, you don’t want the crowd to ruin it for you either! I’ve been in the audience of a public proposal. When we couldn’t see the couple, or the woman’s response, the crowd got rowdy and started shouting ‘What’d she say?” and other various heckles!

2. During someone else’s wedding

There’s a beautiful room with lights and music. Everyone is dressed up. Your friends are all together. Seems like the perfect timing, right?

Wedding Groom and Groomsman Photo

Think again! This day was planned, probably for a year or more, and you are part of a head count on someone else’s check. You are there to celebrate the most memorable night of THEIR lives. This day is all about the CURRENT bride and groom, not the future Mr. and Mrs. You!

Let them have their day, and choose a day that is special to the two of you for your proposal. Make THAT day all about the two of you and YOUR special day to come!

3. At a sporting event

This one goes along with #1 but should be spelled out – PLEASE DO NOT propose on the Jumbo-tron! Everything above comes into play, and there’s very little romantic about crushed popcorn on your shoes and the smell of beer all around.

Save the Date at Pittsburgh Mount Washington Photo

4. In food

A common place to propose is at a fancy restaurant. While this is a perfectly acceptable way to propose, avoid hiding the engagement ring in her food! Even in a delicious piece of chocolate cake.

There is a risk of the ring getting lost or even digested! And when she sees the ring for the first time, she’s going to want to SEE it and wear it – not clean it! A good compromise is to place the ring on her dessert plate! Clean, in sight, and no chance of being eaten 🙂

Proposing in Dessert with the Engagement Ring on Plate

5. Anywhere it could get lost or stolen

Speaking of the ring getting lost, you may want to avoid spots where someone could grab the new, sparkling piece of jewelry, or where, in excitement, you could drop the ring and it get lost. Any tightly crowded space or popular tourist sight comes to mind. No one wants to search for their ring after if falls from the top of the Empire State Building!

Engagement Ring Photo in Times Square New York City

The most important thing you can do

is to propose when the time is right for the two of you, and in a way that means something to the both of you. This is the most important question you will ask in your life and the way you propose should show that! You don’t have to do something showy, but it should show her that you put thought into it!

Engagement in Youngwood with Blanket Photo

And since we’re on the subject, something you may want to consider is capturing the moment! As I’ve said, this is the most important question of your lives – make sure you have a beautiful memory to go with it.

There are two ways to capture the moment

  1. During a photo session with the two of you as a surprise
  2. Completely in secret! Your soon-to-be fiancé need not know that you hired a photographer, and it would make for a FANTASTIC wedding gift for your new bride. You can be sure to bring tears to her eyes!

With all that said – Stay calm, be yourself, and wait for your sweetheart to say YES! Thinking of proposing? Call 724-689-5199 and let me capture your proposal FOR FREE!