Baby Born into a Pandemic

Oct 29, 2020 | Family Photos, images, Pittsburgh Newborn Photographer

No one would have guessed that they’d have a baby born into a pandemic this year.

But low and behold, this year I photographed a two month old newborn session after lockdown. Because of the Covid Pandemic, this year looked different for many women having babies. Many delivered their babies on their own, without a support person. Others ran tests before they could give birth. And many waited until lockdowns were lifted before getting newborn photos.

Mom Kisses Newborn while Dad Holds Baby Girl Photo

Like many others, I photographed this beautiful baby, born right around the time the pandemic started, around the time she turned 2 months old.

Baby Spit Bubbles Close Up Photo

Normally, I recommend photographing newborns no later than 2 weeks, if possible. I am always happy to photograph older babies, but the 2 week mark is when baby is still sleepy, and “moldable” as I like to call it. They are still used to being folded in their mother’s womb, which makes the adorable, often pinned, poses much easier!

Baby Born in Pandemic Photo

However, Amber and I scheduled our session for the weekend the governor put our counties on lockdown.

So, for weeks, I messaged Amber letting her know, that no matter how old her little baby was when the lockdown lifted, I would give her beautiful newborn photos. And that is exactly what we did!

Two Month Old Newborn Session After Lockdown Photo

During our consultation call we decided to photograph this beauty in blue and gray.

I loved the idea of seeing a baby girl in blue! But we decided to throw in a little pink for fun as well. Cause even though baby girl in blue is beautiful, who doesn’t like baby girl in pink, right?

Baby Feet Wrapped in Pink Photo

Not going to lie, she threw a bit of difficulty my way!

She grew so much in the last 2 months and was so strong that wrapping her was a fun and amusing challenge. Once I got her to sleep, she settled in and we took a few shots of her in my basket and switched over to the pink blanket before she was ready to eat again.

Newborn Girl Wrapped in Gray on Blue Blanket in a Basket on Gray Wood Floor Photo

I absolutely loved working with this family.

Two Month Old Newborn Session Photo

They were so kind, easy to work with, laid back, and thrilled with the end product! Mom was so grateful we captured her when we did! Just one more way to show how much these photos mean to families. They truly grow so fast that you blink and they are 2 inches bigger and no longer fit in your arms quite the way they used to. Don’t pass up your opportunity to photograph your kids every chance you get!

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