Bowling Wedding at Zone28

Jan 1, 2020 | Wedding Day

Have you ever been to a bowling wedding at Zone28? Thanks to Danny and Lydia, I have and it is a blast! It was the most unique wedding I attended in 2019 and a true testament to those two love birds.

If you remember from their Engagement Blog Post, Danny proposed to Lydia over a puzzle with personalized M&M’s. Therefore, it was only fitting that their guest book would be a puzzle as well! They even had socks ready for everyone before they put on their bowling shoes.

Puzzle Guest Book at Zone 28

Speaking of bowling shoes, the bride and groom each had their own personalized Mr. & Mrs. bowling shoes made for the event. We photographed them on the bowling lanes. Seriously, could this be a more unique and fun wedding reception?

Bride and Groom Customized Bowling Shoes

Yes, it could!

Because what goes better with bowling than pizza? That’s right, Danny and Lydia had a pizza bar for the main course. Along side, if I remember correctly, around 1,000 cookies! Everyone decided to bake dozens for the couple. The cookie table for this day was not only huge, but VERY well stocked!

I loved their reception so much that I forgot to mention their beautiful ceremony! When Lydia walked down the aisle, Danny didn’t cry, which I usually love to see a few tears from the groom. Instead, his face lit up like a kid on Christmas Day! He was so happy to see his bride he couldn’t contain himself.

Grooms Face as Bride Walks Down Aisle

And their bridal portraits?

It was like a preview for the reception because the bridal party lined up like… Yes, you guessed it… bowling pins! And the Bride and Groom bowled them over with the Bride’s bouquet. Can you think of anything more fitting and fun?

Bowling Over the Bridal Party With Bridal Bouquet

You can see more of their beautiful bowling wedding, including the world’s smallest cake knife below! You read it right, they used a teeny, tiny cake knife to cut their cake… their CUPCAKE.

  • Wedding Dress Hanging on Window
  • Crochet Needle to Button Wedding Dress
  • Wedding Bands in Hankercheif
  • Best Man Pinning on Boutonniere
  • Grooms Face as Bride Walks Down Aisle
  • Father of the Bride Hugs Groom
  • Wedding First Kiss at Church Altar
  • Bowling Over the Bridal Party With Bridal Bouquet
  • Bridal Portrait in Oakmont near River
  • Customized Bride Socks
  • Take a Pair of Socks for Bowling Wedding
  • Puzzle Guest Book at Zone 28
  • First Wedding Dance at Zone 28
  • Best Man Tears Up During Speech at Reception
  • Bride and Groom Customized Bowling Shoes
  • Bowling Ball Wedding Rings
  • Wedding Tiny Cupcake Knife at Zone 28
  • Bride Bowls at Zone 28
  • Grand Exit in Cloud of Bubbles
  • Wedding Car Decorations

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