Covid Affected My Business

Jul 23, 2020 | Business Programs, Studio

Covid affected my business, like many others. I closed to new clients for months, which broke my heart! Because of Covid, clients pushed back their weddings and postponed their newborn sessions.

However, Covid affected my business in a positive way, too.

Since I closed, I couldn’t bring in new clients, but I could work on the “back-end” of my business. I took time to update, improve and educate myself to make your experience 10 times better than before.


My business completed changed in 2020.

I learned more this year than ever before. It occurred to me that I wanted to serve my clients in a more meaningful way. So now, I walk them through the entire photography experience and offer more beautiful products. Gone are the times I leave my clients with digital files rotting away on their USB or hard drives collecting digital dust.

What led me to make these changes?

Education! In the past year, I worked hard to learn more about photography as well as the business of owning a business. I discovered the kind of photographer I want to be and the type of service I want to provide.

Maternity Dress toss in front of stairs at Mellon Park Photo

So, I started making changes.

At the beginning of 2020 I made many changes to my website. These updates continue to this day to provide a better look into who I am as a photographer and business woman.

I also changed my pricing structure.

My old structure brought on confusion and stress, which is the last thing I want for my clients. So, I simplified it. Now, you can create your own package in two simple steps! You can’t get much easier than that!


My product offering also changed.

You deserve to have products that are ready to display the second you walk through your home. And now, I provide exactly that! From customized albums, to float frame canvases, and a beautiful wooden memory box. Now, you have high quality choices to remember the moments we captured together forever.


How else has Covid affected my business?

Covid gave me time to learn and grow. I am currently studying to become a CPP (Certified Professional Photographer through PPA). As well as taken other online courses, and invested time in hands on training. This means you get better quality photos of your children and professional grade wedding photograpy. Your newborn photos will make Pinterest swoon!


I tell you this to shed light on the positive side of 2020. Yes, Covid affected my business, as it has for so many others. But, its not all bad! I even opened my home studio for the very first time!


And now, I provide the products and services you deserve.

Your session now includes a consultation to discuss and plan what to wear and what your session will look like. Your photos are even high quality than before. There is no confusion on pricing and better products to choose from. And most importantly, I am with you through the entire process.


Want to learn more about your new photo experience? Contact me at blessedmoments13@gmail.com so we can discuss the benefits you’ll reap from my new and improved business. I can’t wait to serve you better than ever before.