Covid Changes Wedding Look But Not Day

Jan 19, 2021 | Pittsburgh Wedding Photographer, Wedding Day

Covid Changes Wedding Look But Not Day. Not a headline you’d expect to see about your wedding day. But for 2020 Brides, nothing could be truer. So many engaged couples were forced to change their plans last year, my friends included. Luckily, they decided to push forward, and instead make a few changes and still get married.


When your friend, who you used to work with, asks you to photograph their wedding, not only to you say “of course” but you also do a happy dance! I worked with Garth in the Planetarium of the Carnegie Science Center (remember I have a Physics degree?). We had a blast working together. Garth has a great sense of humor and always made me laugh. We put on laser shows together and my husband and Garth may have had a “light saber” fight on one of the many 4th of July celebrations at the Planetarium. Side note: if you can watch downtown Pittsburgh Fireworks from the top of the Science Center – don’t pass up the opportunity! Best view of fireworks over the river in the entire city 🙂

Wedding-Dress-hangs-in-door-frame-while-light-shines-in-from-window-photo Mother-of-the-Bride-puts-on-pearl-necklace-for-bride-while-getting-ready-for-covid-wedding-photo Maid-of-Honor-puts-on-veil-for-bride-while-getting-ready-for-covid-wedding-photo

I knew photographing Garth and Rachel’s wedding was going to be a blast.

They are an adorable couple, so comfortable together, and Garth is still such a comedian. What I didn’t know, is that everything would change because of the pandemic.

Groom-puts-on-jacket-to-get-ready-for-wedding-ceremony-photo-with-help-from-best-man Covid-Changes-wedding-look-not-day-Groom-wears-personalized-Mr-mask-while-getting-boutonniere-put-on-to-get-ready-for-wedding-ceremony-photo

No one expected what happened in 2020.

We all had to do a double take when the lock downs started. My heart went out to every client on my books. Brides and mamas-to-be were thrown through a loop when I could no longer photograph them in the timeline we expected. Weddings changed to smaller groupings, or pushed to the following year. To say that we were devastated is an understatement.


Covid Changes wedding look not day

When Rachel and Garth told me that they were still planning to have their wedding I was thrilled. I knew how much trouble they went through to plan, and that this required a lot of changes, but the main goal was to be married. And that is what they did!

Maid-of-Honor-walks-down-aisle-at-outdoor-covid-wedding-2020-photo Ring-Bearer-walks-down-the-aisle-holding-sign-that-says-they-didn't-trust-me-with-the-rings-photo 2-flower-girls-lay-rose-petals-at-outdoor-wedding-photo

Their wedding day moved to an outside only event.

They set up a tent outside their church where they held their ceremony and reception. They shortened the guest list, cut the dancing, and left before sun down. But nothing changed the way they felt. You saw the happiness in Garth’s eyes when Rachel walked down the aisle, but the humor never left.

Father-of-the-Bride-Hugs-Bride-after-giving-her-away-at-outdoor-Covid-Wedding-2020-photo Groom-reads-passage-during-wedding-ceremony-photo

From the ring bearer’s sign, stating that “I’m here for the cake”, to the laugher following some fumbling with the rings, laughter and love hung in the air.


They handed out masks to their guests as gifts and asked them to write on a piece of quilt as their guest book. The best man and maid of honor gave their speeches and the bride and groom cut their ICE CREAM CAKE. You read that right. Rachel’s friend made an ice cream wedding cake for the married couple to cut into.


After the festivities ended, Garth and Rachel left under a showering of popcorn. A delicious way to leave a wedding!

Engraved-wedding-rings-sit-in-bed-of-yellow-flowers-photo Wedding-ring-and-wedding-band-hung-from-aisle-decor-flower-mason-jar-photo

The couple decided to hold a second reception in 2021 to finish their celebration under more relaxed conditions.

Since they shortened the first wedding day, I offered to photograph the second celebration to make sure they captured both events. I wanted their photos to tell the entire story of their wedding, whether Covid interrupted it or not.


I’m looking forward to seeing them again and getting a second chance to celebrate their big day.

My heart goes out to all brides during this time. I know the stress that wedding planning takes, and to have a worldwide pandemic interrupt it is a stress I can’t imagine.


If you need help planning or rescheduling your wedding, CONTACT ME for help and tips. I know many vendors are doing what they can during this time and helping as they’re able. I hope to do the same and that wedding planning in 2021 and 2022 will be easier.