Emerald View Park Engagement Photos

May 31, 2019 | Pittsburgh Engagement Photographer

Last week, I had the honor of photographing my friend, Felisha, that did up my hair for my wedding! It was such a fun experience, and she was so easy to photograph.

She made my job incredibly easy!

We originally were thinking of doing the photos out by the airport, but Felisha and Tony decided on Mt. Washington. I have done quite a few photos at a park nearby that has a gorgeous view of the city. The name recently changed from Grandview Park to Emerald View Park. After I showed her a few photos from previous sessions, we decided to do the session there.

As the park is near a school, we didn’t think through the timing well! School was letting out as we arrived, so we walked around the buses to get to the park. It is a little walk to the overlook, but once we arrived they were excited about the view.

Felisha and Tony were so comfortable with each other.

I love when a couple is comfortable with one another. It makes my job incredibly easy. And when they don’t have a problem being in front of the camera, it’s not work at all!

It was a bright and beautiful day, but I was thankful for every cloud that passed by! The sky was gorgeous as was the city and the couple. I gave Felisha and Tony a fun “prompt” to add some fun to their shoot. I told Felisha to lean back and pull away from Tony. But I told Tony to pull her in tight.

The confusion and the fun of the prompt led to a few adorable camera snaps!

Once we were done at the overlook, we walked back and chatted about her wedding. She told me the ceremony will be in a beautiful church with stunning stained glass. They both said that planning is going very well.

We did a few more photos walking back to the car in the park. Tony pointed out a huge tree that had fallen. Felisha and I laughed, but it made for a great photo!

I absolutely cannot WAIT to photograph their wedding!

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