Engagement Session at Phipps

Sep 12, 2019 | Pittsburgh Engagement Photographer

I am always excited for Engagement Sessions, and any session at Phipps is great. And when a couple says they are uncomfortable in front of the camera, I do not fret. I know that the process is less painful than most people think.

And I like to have fun on my engagement sessions, and keep them short, if possible. What I found most interesting about Kiana and Brandon was that they were SO comfortable, when they were together!

Phipps Engagement Session Photo

When they looked at each other or were touching each other, they both lit up in front of my camera!

Otherwise, they were so aware of my camera that you could see on their faces that they didn’t want to be photographed. I giggled because this was perfect to let me know what to expect on their wedding day as well! This is another reason engagement sessions are so important. So for the rest of our photo session, I knew I had to keep them close to each other.

Engagement Ring in Flower at Phipps Photo

And wow did it pay off!

They simply brought out each other’s smiles! And what better way to show off their love, than letting them just be themselves.

During our session, anytime I felt they might not feel comfortable, I simply had them look at each other. It was never easier to get smiles out of a couple! I always like to tease my clients or act silly so that they laugh. It always results in a genuine smile and beautiful photo.

Playful Couple Photo in Room at Phipps

And, of course, Phipps never disappoints for backgrounds.

We had plenty of beautiful places to take photos. Flowers, greens, and their beautiful grounds gave us so many choices as we took photos all over the Conservatory!

Take a look at their Phipps Engagement Session slideshow above and call to schedule your own engagement session now!