Fall Wedding at Nicassio Fields

May 28, 2020 | Uncategorized

Last year I had the pleasure of photographing a fall wedding at Nicassio Fields. It is always nice when the ceremony and reception are at the same location. There is more time to get everything captured on the wedding day!

When I arrived on location, I found no one in sight. Most of the outdoor décor was already in place and ready for the day. Then, out of the side door comes the Bride. Calm as can be, putting the finishing touches on the outside tables.


Never before did I see the bride setting up for her big day.

Kiana wore her jacket, inscribed with “Bride” on the back, and already had her hair and makeup done. We chatted for a minute, but I let her finish up while I started working and photographed the décor and the details.

Each girl in the bridal party had their own jacket, inscribed like the brides. But the best was her grandmother’s, who officiated the wedding. Kiana inscribed her grandmother’s jacket with “Mamaw”.


Nicassio Fields created a beautiful room for Kiana to finish getting ready.

All the girls lined up in front of the mirror to touch up their makeup. Brandon waited outside, ready to get the show on the road, while the guests filtered into their seats in the grass.

The sun shone high in the sky as the music started and the bridal party made their way under the trellis.

So high and bright, in fact, that Brandon couldn’t see his bride as she walked down the aisle! He tried shielding his face, but to no avail. He couldn’t see Kiana until she was a few feet in front of him! But he was all smiles when he finally saw her face.


The fall wedding ceremony was short, sweet, and mildly comical.

Brandon’s nerves filled him with so much energy and excitement to get married, it just beamed out from him. Though he was not nearly as excited for the photos afterward. He wanted to get the party started, get onto the dance floor, and enjoy a calming drink.

Once we were done, the DJ readied the guests for their entrance.

Kiana and Brandon walked in and celebrated their first dance and then cut the cake. Afterward, the DJ played a game with the guests to see which table would “win” the next in line to the buffet! It was my first time seeing this adventure, and I rather liked it.


They didn’t stop there either. Next they played hot potato with the guests’ phones as a way to appoint a leader and get everyone onto the dance floor. It worked like a charm! The guests danced the night away.

While some kept by the fire and made smores outside at Nicassio Fields fire pit, others played a fun game of keep the Bride away from the Groom before the night ended.


Between dancing under the stars in the light of the gazebo and a beautifully written note from the Groom that brought tears to Kiana’s eyes, the night was perfect!

I even had time to talk with them both before my time was up and they partied the night away. My day was fulfilled with a gorgeous venue, stunning wedding, and a wonderfully fun night. I can only hope to work with the two of them again in the near future. Their engagement and wedding just wasn’t enough!

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