Fun Monroeville Park Engagement Session

Jun 10, 2019 | Pittsburgh Engagement Photographer

I arrived at this engagement session early so I could scope out where we could get the best photos. Monroeville Park was filled with people celebrating a birthday and playing baseball.

When I met with this couple, they told me they are not comfortable in front of the camera. I was prepared to work to make them laugh and have fun.

Then they got in front of my camera.

Danny and Lydia were so comfortable and silly with each other, all I had to do was press my shutter. They were the biggest goofballs I’ve seen in a while and so much fun to work with.

We started under the gazebo. I separated them and they delivered by reaching for out for one another and with Danny making silly faces, made Lydia laugh. We moved back to the archway and when I told Danny to lean in on Lydia, neither of them could keep a straight face! It made for such an easy session and amazing photos!

Danny noticed that one of the benches had the words “Love you” carved into it.

So we sat them down to make sure to incorporate that into their engagement photos! And once again they delivered the smiles. Working with a couple that is so close and comfortable with each other, not only makes the session easy, but makes it so enjoyable. It makes me extremely excited to photograph their wedding too.

I love to see couples in love and when it is so clear, like with Danny and Lydia, you know that their wedding will be fun and will not feel like work to photograph.

We did some photos at the garden which we decided looked like crop circles. Then in the rock garden, where I took one of my favorite ring photos.

We finished the session with a fun puzzle.

No, we didn’t build it together. But it is the exact puzzle the couple were building together when Danny proposed. A proposal that Lydia almost missed because she was so focused on the puzzle! They thought it was only appropriate to get some photos with it!

I had so much fun photographing these two, and I simply cannot wait for their wedding… which, by the way, is at a bowling alley!!! It may be the most fun I’ll have at a wedding yet!