Getting Ready for Your Wedding Day

Feb 27, 2020 | Pittsburgh Wedding Photographer

I have said it over and over on repeat… GET PHOTOS OF YOU GETTING READY FOR YOUR WEDDING DAY!!!

Sorry for shouting, but I know budgets are tight when it comes to wedding planning. And I know the urge to skimp anywhere you can is a hard one to fight. It seems to make sense that when it comes to saving some money, getting photos of you getting ready for your wedding day is easy to skip….

Bride gets makeup on in DoubleTree hotel photo

BUT… You’re wrong!

Okay maybe not wrong, but please consider this. Some of the most important photos can come from those moments.

  • Your mom buttoning up your dress.
  • His brother fixing his tie.
  • Your dad’s face when he sees you in your dress.
  • His buddies and your girls goofing off and just simply BEING THERE.

Not to mention – this is the ONLY time of your wedding day that you won’t see each other. The only way to get a glimpse of what your better half looked like and was doing during that time is through PHOTOS!!

This was something that I missed out on for my own wedding.

While I have photos of me getting ready, and my dad seeing me in my dress for the first time (which was an amazing memory), I have nothing of my groom. I was filled in on a few moments my husband had with his groomsmen. They talked, and drank, and one man put on everyone’s ties (because no one else knew how).

Wedding Groom and Groomsman Getting Ready Photo

They are moments I desperately wish I could have seen. I wish I had caught a glimpse of my groom’s face as he anxiously awaited the day to start. I would love a photo him, his dad, and his brother together. But it is a moment that wasn’t captured by anyone, including our photographer. To this day, I miss what could have been captured in those moments.

Wedding Groom Getting Ready Cranberry Photo

So please, reconsider that time of day! Think about what is at stake if you miss out on capturing these moments! Consider a little extra time, for a lifetime of memories. You can see a few of those memories from a recent wedding here. Or ask me how you can capture these moments for your own special day.