Harrold Zion Ceremony and Crystal Ballroom Wedding Photos

May 25, 2019 | Pittsburgh Wedding Photographer, Wedding Day

When I walked into the room where Alexa was getting ready, I could see her knees shaking under her beautiful ballgown. She was a bundle of nerves and excitement. We talked for a moment and planned on where we would take photos after the ceremony.

Before the day, I had not met the groom.

The first time I saw him, he was walking up the side of the Harrold Zion church to take his stand on the altar. He looked quite handsome and completely sure of what he was about to do. I couldn’t even see his nerves! And when Kory first saw Alexa, it validated that look of certainty.

Kory smiled a big smile as his bride walked down the aisle on the arm of her father.

The ceremony continued with beautiful readings, an exchange of rings, and the final, beautiful “kiss the bride”. Once everyone exited the church, Alexa and Kory came out to a beautiful bouquet of bubbles! I could see them both let out a sigh of relief! The rest of the day was about the two of them and a lot of fun!

We decided to go to the University of Pittsburgh, Greensburg to take photos of the bridal party. Fitting given the number of Pitt grads we were photographing. It was the perfect location, although by the end everyone was sweating!

The Saturday that was threatening showers, turned into an amazingly bright and hot wedding day.

We did photos on the stairs of the campus, on bridges, and at the gazebo! I didn’t even have to pose the newlyweds. They were so happy and comfortable with each other that they just fell into cozy positions with one another. They were absolutely beautiful and in love.

I can neither confirm nor deny that I was doing things to adjust for our photos that made the bride say “I don’t know what we’re paying you, but whatever it is, it is not enough”. I like to go out of my way for my couples, and we needed to make some adjustments. With the help of the groomsmen and bridesmaids, we were able to get branches out of the way to take some fun images on one of the Pitt Campus bridges.

After we were done with the bridal portraits, we made our way to the reception at the Crystal Ballroom in Herminie.

The lights and chandelier adorned the dance floor above the cake table, which was covered in rose petals. The whole room had a romantic feel that was perfect for the Bride and Groom. When they entered the room they immediately took to the floor for their first dance.

The rest of the room faded away.

You could see it in their eyes, they were only concerned with each other and the love they felt in that moment. They held each other and swayed to the music. It was a soft and sweet first dance for the newlyweds.

Their best man and maid of honor speeches were short and sweet. Her adorable little sister got so choked up she couldn’t even finish what she had planned. Following dinner, the couple cut their beautiful cake.

To everyone’s disappointment, they sweetly fed each other with forks!

No cake smashing for these love birds. Their cookie table was filled with beautiful sweets. One was an old family recipe that made a long journey to the wedding table of Alexa and Kory.

The night finished off with the couple making their way around the room to talk to their very special guests, and some of the best dancing I’ve ever seen at a wedding! The bride’s family has quite the talent and if I could travel with them to every wedding to encourage a good time, I would!

Congratulations to newlyweds Alexa and Kory

May life bless you with a long and happy marriage! Thank you for letting me be part of your day, I can’t wait to work with you again.