How to Prepare for Photos for Your Wedding Day

Jan 5, 2019 | Pittsburgh Wedding Photographer, Wedding Day

Congratulations! You have booked a wedding with Blessed Moments Blissful Hearts… now what?

Now is the time to prepare and plan! I know, I know, you’re planning a wedding so you are already knee deep in planning. But this will be much simpler because it goes hand in hand with your wedding planning!

Wedding Groom and Groomsman Getting Ready Photo

The 1st thing you want to decide is the coverage you want for your big day

Do you want photos of you and your groom getting ready? (I always recommend these photos. These pictures are the only time you will be away from each other, and there are always beautiful moments to capture. Times when your mom and your girls are helping you into your dress, the boys are goofing around and helping each other with their ties and cuff-links, etc.) Another thought is what the length of your ceremony will be (are you only saying your vows or having a full mass, etc.). Where will you want to go for bridal portraits, maybe a different location than the ceremony and reception? And how many events you will have at your reception (cake cutting, first dances, bouquet and garter toss, etc.)?

Outside Wedding Kittaning County Club Photo

Next, to prepare for photos on your wedding day, is to decide on the schedule for the day.

Start to consider an approximate time that events will occur, the order in which they will take place, and how long to leave for bridal portraits between the ceremony and reception. These timings can be a big help on a day where time seems to fly by! This part of the scheduling will happen closer to your wedding day and will fall into place as you decide how you want to structure your big day. When you start deciding on which traditions you want to include, and which you’d rather do without, the schedule will write itself!

Another good thought when planning bridal portraits (photos of you and your groom, your bridal party, and your family) is who in the family and bridal party you want to include in your photos. What combinations of people you’d like to have memories of – your girls and the flower girl, your grandparents, and other family you want to make sure you capture a moment with. Like I said before, time really does fly on your wedding day so if you have an idea (it doesn’t have to be a written list!) of some important groups of people you’d like photos with, it will ease your mind. Plus you can warn them beforehand instead of having to track them down at the reception to snag a snapshot!

Wedding Guest Book Photo

Last, but not least, you want to decide on how you’d like to save and display your wedding photos when your day is over.

I personally think a beautiful wedding album filled with the story of your big day is a must. This is something you can sit down with friends, family, and one day your kids to reminisce and look back on this day that you took so much time and energy to plan and prepare for. It is a beautiful way to remember the events of the day, how it unfolded, and tell the story of how you became husband and wife!

Another thing to consider is how to accent your home with memories from your special day. Did you get frames from your bridal shower that you need prints to fill, are there bare walls in your home that a canvas would cover. A canvas can be a beautiful reminder of a moment from the best day of your life every time you walk by it in your home. All of these are great ways to showcase your wedding day and make the most out of your wedding photos.

Now take a breather, remember that the most important thing is that you are getting married, and everything else will fall into place! And you can refer back to this whenever you need to help plan your wedding day and until then, look at some wedding photos HERE for inspiration!

Feeling overwhelmed? Then contact me with any questions you have on packages, pricing, or ideas for what to do with your photos and how to plan your wedding day! Getting an early start on planning but haven’t popped the question yet? Read this before you propose!