How to Prepare for Your Newborn Photos

Mar 4, 2019 | Pittsburgh Newborn Photographer

Oh, what a wonderful and amazing thing it is! To hold a tiny, little baby in your arms after you’ve carried them for 9 months. You do not want to forget what this feels like, and what better way to capture that feeling that with photos of your precious bundle of joy!

I know it can feel overwhelming

You just gave birth, brought your baby home for the first time, and now you have to schedule pictures. All while trying to get used to a new routine (and sleep schedule) with your newborn. There’s so much to learn and do! But that’s why I make it easier by coming to you!

Newborn in a Basket surrounded by Flowers all Wrapped up in Sarver
This photo was taken at Cellar Works Brewing

I bring everything you need for the cuddly newborn photos you’ve been waiting for. Before your baby is born we will discuss what you want your session to look like, what kinds of colors you want, what backdrops and props you are interested in, and what family photos you’d like to have. This takes the pressure off after baby is born, and helps to make the session go smoothly!

I suggest bringing baby within the first two weeks after birth

This is when baby is still very sleepy, “moldable”, and more willing to get into those precious, sleeping-baby-curled-in-a-basket photos you’ve been pinning the last few months. We will set up a photo session in your home. Preferably a room with good lighting and at least 7x7ft of space. During the session, I will take photos of baby in various poses, get some of those adorable details you’ve been loving on, and sweet photos of you and baby together. I use a heater and a sound machine to keep baby warm, happy, and sleepy.

New Stanton Baby Feet Holding Wedding Rings

Every baby is different so not every pose will work, but I work with baby to see how they are comfortable and capture their own uniqueness! You and I are always close to baby for safety I am up-to-date on my TDAP shot for baby’s safety as well!

You, too, can help the session go smoothly.

Our session is almost guaranteed a success if you keep baby awake before the session, watch what you (and baby) eat, and wait to feed baby until I arrive! Baby will have a full, non-gassy, belly and be ready for a nap by the time I am set up for the photos. Then, during the session, you can relax and take a much needed break while I photograph baby alone before family photos are taken!

After the session comes the really fun part.

Now you get to choose your photos and how you want to display them in your home. I am partial to canvases because they make a beautiful piece of art to display in your home. And it will bring back feelings of baby in your arms, that wonderful smell from the top of their head, and how sweet those teeny, tiny toes are.

Close Up of Newborn Baby Girl in Baden

Another beautiful keepsake is an album to display all the photos from your session in one book to share with your little one as they grow. Then of course there are prints you must hand out to family and friends, display in those adorable baby frames from your baby shower, and keep in your wallet!

The last thing to do? ENJOY IT!

Take it all in, hold them a little longer, breath in their smell, and memorize every little face they make. Before you know it, they’ll be smashing that first birthday cake, so don’t miss a beat and CONTACT ME now to book your session and capture those memories before they’re gone!