Mt Washington Engagement Photos

Mar 9, 2021 | Pittsburgh Engagement Photographer

This isn’t what you normally think of when I say Mt Washington Engagement Photos is it? When I think of Mt. Washington I think of the incline, the overlook, the railings, and lots of people crowding you to see Pittsburgh. That’s why when this couple decided on a view of Pittsburgh, I took them to this hidden gem.


This park is one of my favorites because it has the best of both worlds.

Not only do you get a clear view of the city scape, you also can get greenery in your images as well. Trees, stone staircases, and a beautiful city view is a great combination for engagement photos.

Gina was excited for the Mt Washington Engagement Photos.

Andrew was a little nervous. It is something I’m used to. Not everyone enjoys being in front of the camera and it can feel awkward quickly. So I started a conversation while we walked to our photo spot.


I asked how wedding planning was going. They both felt it was going well, but Andrew confided that he was nervous about their first dance. I could definitely relate, and told him that we actually took dance lessons so we felt more comfortable for our first dance.

Gina and Andrew liked the idea that they didn’t have to worry about making a routine or taking lessons. I told them that no one expects the next showing of Dancing with the Stars for their wedding day. It is simply a moment that the two of them can share together after they were officially married.


Once we arrived at the spot for photos, we started off simple.

I wanted to make them both comfortable, but also capture great reactions on camera. We started with the city view behind them and a few traditional poses. The Pittsburgh backdrop made for beautiful Mt Washington Engagement Photos, but it had nothing on Gina’s smile.

I like to joke around with my couples, and it worked so well with these two. Andrew began to feel more comfortable knowing it wasn’t going to be a boring “do this, move here, turn your head an inch”. And Gina’s infectious laughter made all 3 of us have a great time together.

We even practiced their dance moves for their Mt Washington Engagement Photos.


Okay maybe this wasn’t their favorite part, but they did great! I showed Andrew how to turn her, and not only did it make for a fun moment, it made for a few great images as well!

We made use of the stairs and took fun close ups of her ring. It was a wonderful way to get to know each other and get comfortable together before we worked together for their wedding.


Once the wedding day came I felt like we were great friends.

It made capturing their day easy and natural, plus I knew how to get great reactions from Gina to make their wedding day photos that much better. You can see the photos from their wedding day here.

Working with these two has been such a pleasure, I can’t even describe! We even made a beautiful wedding album that highlighted the two of them together throughout the day. I look forward to working together with them again – hopefully soon.