North Huntingdon Newborn In Home Session

Jan 5, 2021 | Family Photos, Pittsburgh Newborn Photographer

When asked to do this North Huntingdon Newborn In Home Session, I grinned ear to ear. I photographed this family’s first child. I felt honored to be asked to photograph their second as well.

Photographing a toddler and a newborn together always presents challenges.

Namely time. I like to do the family photos and photos of big brother and baby together first. This way, big brother doesn’t lose interest and become bored. With a toddler, safety is the number one thing when bringing in a newborn. They have a lot of energy and I never want that to come in the way of the newborn.


This North Huntingdon newborn and family are so sweet and loving.

I adore photographing them. And their newest son was such a sweetheart to photograph. He loved to be swaddled, let me play around with fun hats, and had the cutest pirate grin ever!

We started with family photos. Their older son was hungry and ended up eating some bread (aka toddler food) while we photographed everyone.

Newborn-Boy-Family-and toddler-photo

Anything to keep them happy during this time!

That’s usually the motto for toddler. But man are they fun! That energy and excitement always translates into big smiles and a great time captured in camera.

A newborn born in North Huntingdon may not be considered a Pittsburgh baby, but they are close enough to don the Black and Gold.


And this family wanted to show off their love of the Steelers.

I covered their newborn son in a Terrible Towel, like a little blanket. He looked like he was asleep for the night, curled up in a bed with his Terrible Towel blankey.


Capturing a family’s personality in photographs is always my favorite thing to do.

It tells the story of who you are, at this moment in life. The photo reminds you of what your kids were like, that awesome haircut you had, and what it felt like to hold your baby when they were oh so tiny.


With a few precious moments captured, adorable smiles, and some great memories, I packed up my equipment. I said goodbye and left the family to enjoy a meal together (because clearly the bread was not enough!)


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