Now Offering Personal Brand Photography

Jul 10, 2020 | Personal Branding Photography

In case you didn’t know, Blessed Moments Blissful Hearts is now offering Personal Brand Photography. I love helping others, and helping small business owners is another way to do that!

What is Personal Brand Photography?

Fourish-Therapy-Personal-Branding-PhotoIt is a way to save you time and launch your business forward! If you are an entrepreneur, or small business owner, you probably spend a good deal of time marketing your business.


When marketing, you find that you need content, a plan, social media posts, and PHOTOS! It takes a great deal of effort to show your brand to the world. Using professional photos to brand your small business shows your clients that you take your business seriously. Professional, branded photos tell your client you mean business – literally 🙂

But taking branded photos takes time.

It takes planning, and knowledge of photography. That’s where I come in! Baby-Clothes-Personal-Branding-Photography

I work with you to plan out the photos you need for the next few months. I help you think about what to post, what to capture, and how to brand it to your business. Personal Brand Photography is not just a new headshot for your profile page, it shows the personality of your business. It can show others the behind-the-scenes of your work and get to know you as an entrepreneur.

Think of having a stock of professional photos of your own product!

Small-Business-Writing-Thank-You-Note-Branding-PhotoImages you can drag and drop into your social media post that perfectly represent your brand, who you are, and what you want to say about your business. Better yet, think of having 3 months’ worth of photos to choose from and schedule your marketing around! Professional photos you can use on your website, for your business card, and any collateral you hand your client.

The possibilities are endless! And the amount of time you will save and can put back into your business (or take a break!) is worth its weight in gold 🙂


The Personal Brand Photography I offer will take one day of your time to create.


We’ll have a planning session, then a shooting session, and then – you will have 3 months’ images tailored to your brand, that you have commercial rights to. This means you can use them as needed, you do not have to credit my business, and you can edit them for you needs. That’s right, you can crop, add text, or edit the colors for your business use.

The benefits of this are endless. Women-Entrepreneurs-Flourish-Therapy-Personal-Branding-Photography

And because these photos are professionally curated, they will raise the quality of your brand and your social media accounts. Who doesn’t want that beautiful Instagram account with photos that are both personal and professional? The nine-up with photos that all coincide and show your client exactly what type of business you run!

We all know how great it is to market for free, which is why social media is wonderful for businesses. But we also know the time it takes to create content for them. And time is a business owners be st friend.

And your website is your online small business store front.

Behind-the-Scenes-Personal-Branding-PhotographyThese images will lift up your brand, give it credibility, and help bring paying clients into your door.

So, let Personal Brand Photography work for you! Contact me now to set up your planning session, and bring time back into your life!