Safe and Clean Home Studio Sessions

Jun 27, 2020 | Business Programs, Studio

Did you know that Safe and Clean Home Studio Sessions are now being offered at Blessed Moments Blissful Hearts? That’s right! I am excited to say that I now provide photography sessions out of my own home studio. Furthermore, I have implemented safety precautions for us both.

The first thing we will do is plan our session over the phone.

Phone Consultation with Blessed Moments Blissful Hearts photo

This is now standard practice for every session, but it is an essential step for safe and clean home studio sessions. By planning out the colors, props, and outfits for our session, we limit the amount of extras that need disinfected after the fact. This also limits:

  • The time the session takes
  • The stress of making decisions on the spot
  • The overwhelm of all the props I carry

And, it means that we create the session around the artwork you want to bring into your home.

We plan the session to create a beautiful product for your home.

It will match your decor, and look like a piece of art, not just a family snapshot you printed. Our phone call discusses:

  • The style of your home
  • The space you have ready for wall art
  • What to wear so your photos look styled to perfection.


Next, I set up for your session before your arrive.

This way, we start photographing as soon as you arrive. Everything is in place and ready to go. I wear a mask (Elsa or Mickey as a friendly touch for kids), and wash my hands or use sanitizer as needed. I lay drop cloths down on the floor and ask that you remove your shoes when you come in for safe and clean home studio sessions.

Then when you leave, everything gets washed and disinfected.

Any props that we used are wiped down. All backdrops, wraps, and outfits are immediately put into the washer, including my mask. Everything touched is wiped down, and even the drop cloths throw into the wash!


Finally, I too get clean.

My clothes go into the wash and I get clean again too. I want to make sure that you and I both feel safe, and reduce the risk or spread of ANY infections. It is so easy to get sick any more, so this is a reminder that I take your health seriously, as well as the health of me and my family.

Most importantly, I can still capture your memories.

By taking these precautions, I provide a beautiful studio photography session for you, and make wonderful memories to last a lifetime! If you have any questions on these studio updates, feel free to ask questions. I want you to feel comfortable for your in home studio session! You can CONTACT ME HERE, or message me on FACEBOOK or INSTAGRAM.