Seven Springs Rustic Wedding

Jan 16, 2020 | Wedding Day

Have you ever been to a Seven Springs Rustic Wedding? If not and you get the chance, TAKE IT! If you’re looking for somewhere to have a beautiful, outdoor wedding, have it here. The venue is absolutely stunning inside and out.

Seven Springs Meadowoods Outdoor Venue in the Woods Photo

I knew I wanted to work with Andrew and Christine when we spoke on the phone.

Rarely does the groom contact me, so to hear from Andrew helping to plan his own wedding, I knew they were my kind of couple. When we met, they let me do my speech about how I work a wedding, but they already knew they were hiring me! And seriously, after meeting with these two, how could you not want to work with them? They are so laid back and easy to talk to, it was a no-brainer!

And no surprise, they were the same way on their wedding day!

Christine was incredibly calm and Andrew only mildly jittery. An instrumental version of “Don’t Fear the Reaper” played as she walked down the aisle. Watching the looks on their guests’ faces was priceless as they tried to guess the tune! But not more so than Andrew’s face when he saw his bride! My favorite moment of every wedding and he didn’t disappoint.

Groom smiles when he sees Bride walk down the aisle Photo

Following their Seven Springs wedding in the woods was the most hilarious limo bus ride I have ever taken! I’ve never heard a bridal party as rowdy and wisecracking as this one. Even the bride and groom jumped in with jokes of divorce papers! Afterwards, bridal portraits were captured that could be taken straight out of Vogue (a testament to their looks over my talent). We took a few shots I refuse to show you on this blog, as well! (Message me if you’re curious, hehe)

Seven Springs Resort Bridge Bride and Groom Photo

Last of the night was the reception.

The beautiful Winterberry cabin with a dance floor under a chandelier that looked like lights hanging from tree branches! But it paled in comparison to the way Andrew looked at Christine as he spun her around the dance floor. All jokes aside, you can’t deny how he feels about his bride when you see him looking at her.

Below is just a few of the amazing photos we captured on their day. It only shows a fraction of how beautiful this couple and their relationship is!

Contact me now if you have questions about this amazing venue! I’d love to capture photos like these for your day too, so call to tell me all about your special day.