The Brick House Wedding in Butler, PA

Jun 11, 2020 | Pittsburgh Wedding Photographer, Wedding Day

This year I had the pleasure of photographing for The Brick House Wedding in Butler, PA. Now I have to ask, could you plan your wedding in a week? I wish I could say that I could do it, but I truly don’t think I could. But Megan and Bryan decided 10 years was a long enough wait. So they planned a beautiful and small ceremony at The Brick House in Butler for their family and close friends to celebrate.


This may be the only wedding I’ve photographed on a Wednesday.

But that day held a special meaning for them both. They were together 10 years to the day when they said “I do.” What a better way to celebrate?

We were introduced through a mutual friend, one I had recently done photos for, one week before the ceremony. Needless to say, I was shocked at the date! I assumed that they had a photographer drop out on them. But when they told me their story, thrilled didn’t begin to describe how happy I was to have that the date available.


I arrived a little early and was able to capture the decorations and get photos of Megan getting ready. Her mom gave her a sweet gift, an embroidered handkerchief, that said “For Happy Tears.” Bryan saw Megan in her dress already, so there was no need to hide from the groom.

Once all the guests arrived at the wedding in Butler, the ceremony started.

It was short and sweet but that didn’t stop the tears from flowing. After “You may now kiss the bride,” and their walk down the aisle, the couple needed to take a minute to catch their breath and soak it all in.

The moment 10 years in the making finally came true! They were now husband and wife.


They played music off their iPod for dinner and I swear they stole one of my old playlists! I love when I connect with my couples, but this was on another level! I’m pretty sure they took my college iPod and hit shuffle! We shared a love of the exact same music.

We captured most of their family portraits before the ceremony. So afterwards, we just captured a few of the couple officially married in front of their wedding backdrop. Bryan made sure I stayed to eat dinner with them and their guests which was absolutely sweet of them. I was so happy to capture their day that I wasn’t even considering dinner!

But I must admit, The Brick House buffet was delicious!

And much appreciated given that I hadn’t eaten for hours before! Every wedding day is special, whether it takes a week to plan or a year. I am so glad I was able to be part of their day. And so glad I did photos with their friend a month earlier or who knows if our paths would have crossed? All I know is, I hope they cross again… and soon!

Don’t discount the chance at having your dream wedding, as well as memories from the day, no matter how long you plan. Contact me now to set a time to talk and discuss your wedding day and how to plan for your wedding photos!