We all need a Mindset Shift

Dec 12, 2020 | Parent Tips, Uncategorized

As I sit here feeling so overwhelmed I could cry, a mindset thought came to me (still working on the shift). It was so strong that I felt the need to get up and go to my other computer and type this out to you (and even make it pretty).

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We are going through a time like none before, and while it sometimes feels like a gift, it can also feel incredibly overwhelming. Not just at the obvious (the scare of illness, the worry about money, etc.), but also the drive to come out of this stronger, better, and with everything we’ve never had time to do done!

While I agree that this is a great time to push forward, I think we also need to be aware that our life is different, more difficult, and more stressful now than it ever has been before.

Some of us have kids working with us, some of us are out of work, and the state of the world is just plain scary.

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With this new world has come an abundance of opportunities.

There are new places and things to learn (for free), ways to pivot our lives, and more (or less) time than normal. Every day we are given so many options of things to do, learn, and improve. And while this is great and amazing, it is also terrifying, stressful, and can make you feel extreme pressure.

What I have come to realize is this:


I know we are all creating lists of all the free classes, house projects, learning opportunities and diet plans. We are all trying to fit it in however we can – listening in the car, in the shower, while we work.

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But here is the thing.

We are never going to get it all done

It is as simple as that! And while it sounds heartbreaking to say it that way, the truth is, we don’t have to! More than that, we shouldn’t! No one on Earth can soak up that much knowledge, and get that much done, in such a short time. We may all feel like quarantine is lasting forever, but the truth is, all those big goals we are after can’t be done in a couple months! It takes years to properly and fully build your systems, learn a new skill, and change your life… AND THAT’S OKAY!!!!!

So while we all work to push forward and come out the other side stronger, keep this in mind – WE CAN’T DO IT ALL, WE SHOULDN’T DO IT ALL, IT’S OKAY NOT TO DO IT ALL.

Focus on one thing.

I know, I know… with our to do lists, one thing is never enough. And honestly just looking at that list makes it hard to breath (almost quite literally in my case). So instead, write it down, get it out of your head, and don’t look at it. Once you write it down, reorganize it. What needs done before the other. Now you have a succinct list, and the fastest way to tackle it. Take that ONE thing at the top, and put it in your planner today.

Write it down in your planner and get it out of your head photo


Impossible right? It feels that way for me, especially on days when you HAVE to do more than just that one thing. So write them down.

Today you have to eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner (write it down). You also need some time to yourself (write it down). What is that ONE thing on the top of your list (write it down)? Need a shower (write it down)? Maybe you can multitask this one and listen to a podcast or a class that you don’t have to actually WATCH.

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Now, do you have fires that need put out? Something that came up unexpectedly? A deadline to meet? Write those down too.

All of a sudden your one thing to do became an entire day worth of activities, goals, plans, and TIME.

The reason we can’t get it all done is because there isn’t TIME.

Not because you aren’t good enough. Not because you aren’t working hard enough. And definitely not because you needed sleep instead of working through the night, were sick, your kids needed you, you had to work that other job, etc.

There is only so much time in a day and it is okay to NOT get it all done. But more importantly, you need to know and understand that!

We all need a mindset shift right now. So instead of getting frustrated at what you didn’t accomplish, look at what you did, give yourself grace, and understand that it is literally impossible to accomplish it all. I know we all want to, in fact I stopped typing YOU WILL NEVER GET IT ALL DONE because it hurt just to say it out loud. I have a long list and I want it all done.

Prefer tea? sit down with a cup and get everything out of your head and on paper photo

But here’s the thing. It will never be all done because it will always get longer. We are constantly adding new ideas to our lists. New accomplishments, new thoughts, new skills, new ideas, new jobs. And you know why?

Because you already met your goals!


You already achieved 10 things off that list. You already pushed yourself forward. And to keep moving forward means you do more. And to do more, you have to add to that list!

So again I say, we all need a mindset shift

Stop looking at what needs done and look at what you accomplished. Stop saying I didn’t do this, and look at what you did. Is “all” you did today was take a nap? GOOD FOR YOU! Your body needed time and rest to recharge itself!

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Love yourself a little more today. Give yourself the chance to sit, and breathe, and be okay not watching the 200th class this month! Let your brain breathe, let it have time to recharge, and get those thoughts out of your head and on paper so that you can clear your mind to complete what you DO have time for!

I LOVE YOU ALL and I truly hope this helps 🙂