Wedding at Lakeview in Greensburg

Feb 23, 2021 | Pittsburgh Wedding Photographer, Wedding Day

If you haven’t been to a Wedding at Lakeview in Greensburg, just know it is beautiful! But nothing compared to this beautiful bride. Gina made being a bride look easy. Not only was she stunning, but she was calm and sweet all day as well.


By the time I arrived, Gina was dressed and ready to go and the room they’d be married in was finishing up. She was waiting patiently downstairs to make sure Andrew didn’t see her when he came in. We captured a few photos of her and her family before going upstairs to the ceremony.


Andrew was not as calm as Gina.


You could tell he was a bundle of nerves! That of course, changed when he watched Gina walk down the aisle (for the most part). His nerves came more from being the center of attention. Nothing was scary about marrying Gina.


Their ceremony went off without a hitch, no pun intended.


I think the only hiccup came from lighting the candle, which gave everyone slight hesitation. They walked down the aisle married and we captured their photos first so as not to lose the light outside.


For a Wedding at Lakeview in Greensburg, there are two fountains to take photos near.


They are both in the middle of the lake and make for great background images. Andrew helped me get amazing dress toss images for Gina. But laughter filled the air when I told Andrew to walk towards Gina and put his hands around her face to kiss her and he looked like he was about to choke her! I obviously need to make my directions more clear haha.


After family images, we did a few of the normal events for the day.


Gina and Andrew ran into some difficulty cutting cake. I walked them through it but they had so much trouble getting the knife into the bottom layer, their piece came out a little butchered! It happens to so many of my brides that I couldn’t help but laugh. It happened to me too and it’s one of the stories I usually tell my brides about my day.


Their flower girl stole the show with a dance to “Let it Go” from Frozen.


She spun around and reenacted the scene to half of the wedding watching, taking pictures, and recording her debut.


Gina, Andrew, and I snuck away to take photos outside for their Wedding at Lakeview in Greensburg.


Once the sun went down outside, the Gazebo lit up and we knew we wanted photos captured for it. Lakeview actually had two weddings that day and we ran into the crowd from the other wedding when we snuck out! Once we complimented each other, we captured some fun and intimate images under the gazebo. We double checked that Andrew wouldn’t drop Gina, and asked him to dip her for a fun photo in the dark.


It may sound like I teased Andrew a lot, but really, we were just so comfortable with each other that it made the day more fun. After our engagement session together, we had a great connection, could joke around, and laugh at each other.

Congratulations to the happy couple, I cannot wait to work with you again!